Hyssop Tea for Asthma

Respiratory infections can be difficult to deal with and can sometimes hinder some everyday tasks. One of the great advantages of hyssop tea is that it has the ability to help relieve a number of respiratory conditions. For those that suffer from illnesses such as asthma, hyssop tea has proven itself to be highly effective in alleviating symptoms that come along with this sickness.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a serious chronic respiratory disease that can adversely affect those that contract it. Asthma can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender and in some cases this disease is considered life threatening. Although there currently is no cure to be offered for asthma patients, there are methods to ease and relieve many symptoms of asthma.

Causes of Asthma

There are a few things that can cause or trigger asthma. Environmental pollutants, smoking, even dust and mold can be factors that cause this respiratory infection. These irritants can cause the airways to become inflamed and irritated which in turn, causes the muscles to tighten so that the airways narrow further, causing a restricted flow of air to the lungs. If mucus develops, this can cause further complications in the respiratory in the system. In mild cases, asthma will heal on its own after a few days. However, for more serious cases, asthma attacks can flare up. In cases like these it is necessary to seek out treatment as soon as possible.

Using Hyssop Tea

The use of hyssop tea can strengthen and tone the respiratory system, making it less vulnerable to illnesses like asthma. Since hyssop tea is an expectorant it can help break down and clear the lungs of phlegm, as well as help clear it of unwanted fluids. It can also ease inflammation and reduce irritation, offering a better chance for recovery. It is recommended to drink two to three cups of hyssop tea daily in order to properly relieve symptoms of asthma.