Hyssop Tea for Women’s Health

There are many herbal remedies available to women that can help reduce the occurrence and pain that comes along with menstrual cramps. Hyssop tea is among those remedies, well known for its ability to offer a comforting relief from any discomfort during and prior to the menstrual cycle. This herbal remedy is highly favored among women since it is an all natural tea that doesn’t come with the dangerous side effects that can be experienced with over the counter medications.

Menstrual Cramps

The shedding of the uterus lining is a monthly occurrence in women that comes with a wide range of different discomforts and ailments. In most cases, the common discomfort is the experience of menstrual cramps which can be mild or severe depending on the person. Feelings of nausea may also arise and some women even note changes in mood and sensitivity during their period. There are many other side effects that can be present during this time though the aforementioned are the most commonly experienced ones. The types of side effects experienced depend heavily on the hormones that are present in the body at the time.

Using Hyssop Tea

Using hyssop tea can result in multiple benefits. It can help regulate the occurrence of the menstrual cycle as well as increase blood flow, allowing periods to be shorter and less painful. Hyssop tea can also encourage the onset of menstruation and assist in relieving pre-menstrual ailments as well. A cup of hyssop tea can be taken two to three times a day as needed. It is not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing to take hyssop tea.